Our original "moncha-ma-yaki" is an original western-style grilled with ingredients spread on a thin spread dough, 具 tomato cheese, pork kimchi, agate cheese, streak eggs and four kinds of ingredients from your choice You can choose.
If you are troubled with the menu, this is at first! !

Fresh noodles with stiffness

Yakisoba, a must for Teppanyaki! Moncha's fried noodles use carefully selected fresh noodles
There is firmly Kosi, popular menu with eating response. You can choose your favorite taste with salt or sauce! It is also possible to change it by Om.

Enjoy a sense of reality

There is a counter seat where you can enjoy the realism of the shop owner's Kote! Please take a look at the skillful practice of repeated studies!
Of course, it is a special seat recommended for travel as well as sightseeing where you can taste Osaka's uniqueness!

Ideal for banquets

Monchama offers a variety of courses that can be enjoyed by two people. All-you-can-drink course is recommended for group use. We also accept private use!
Please use for various banquets!

A relaxing space

A convenient 5-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station
Beyond the goodwill, the room is so bright and clean that a single woman can visit the store. Please use it in various scenes such as business trips and sightseeing in Osaka as well as after work after work. Courses are also available depending on the number of people.